Sriracha drumsticks

Another Shutterbean recipe success.  


I think the key to this deliciousness is the combo of sesame oil and fresh ginger.  Well, and the heat of the sriracha of course.  It had some heat!! 


Instead of cooking it in the oven we went the BBQ route.  

Naturally, I wanted to preserve the extra marinade (why should something so good go to waste?) so after basting the drumsticks a few times while on the grill, I took the remaining marinade and cooked it on the stovetop.  I know this is semi controversial, but I was okay with the idea of it since I got a full boil going.  Neither of us got sick, so there you have it. 


Paired with grilled corn on the cob it was a very summery meal.  And yes, that’s the extra sauce on the plate…all thick and sticky from reducing on the stove.  



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