Cook the Cover June Bon Appetit


I made all kinds of changes to this one that I hardly feel it’s worthy of posting as a #cookthecover recipe, but I’m counting it as the June cover so that’s that.


Change 1: I used peaches and plums instead of cherries (both preference and availability were the determining factors)


Change 2: I used a pre-made gluten free crust for the bottom layer (convenience, nothing more)


Change 3: I made a crumble for the top layer (again, convenience).


Baked and devoured like the real deal.



PF Chang’s lettuce cups

IMG_6208 I made a veg version of these longlong ago, but decided to try the meat version this time around. I found a few copycat recipes on various blogs, but ultimately went with bakerette’s version.


I didn’t have hoisin sauce, which may or may not have added another dimension of greatness, but we thought these were pretty exceptional anyway. IMG_6210 I added rice too (because carbs make it a meal, rather than an app, in my book). Delicious.

Tyler Florence’s pork rub

I know I just shared a pulled pork recipe, but clearly I am smitten…because here’s another.  [Full disclosure I made them a few weeks apart]


This time I used an already prepared rub.


Tyler Florence’s brown sugar pork rub.

I wasn’t sure if it was okay to use a rub for ribs on a shoulder cut.  It seemed like a yummy sounding recipe for pulled pork, but what do I know!?  Hard to tell what was in it aside from brown sugar and “spices”.


The most frustrating thing about this labeling is it gives no info for people with allergies. Can we work on that Tyler?


I combined the rub with red wine vinegar and olive oil to create a slurry to slather over the pork.  I then cooked it on low for ~8 hours in the slow cooker.


Good, but not great.  The previous pulled pork recipe I made was superior so I’ll stick with that from now on.