Honey Mustard Pork Tenderloin

This was my first time cooking and eating pork tenderloin and I think I picked a damn fine recipe to take my V card.


I made this recipe by Food52 without any deviations.


As per the instructions, it marinated for > 3 hours.

I didn’t really remove much of the marinade since it seemed a shame so I did have some extra sauce in the pot which got blackened and sticky once out of the oven.  It was a pain to clean the pot but tasted good so well worth it.


The first time I took it out of the oven (at 13 minutes) it wasn’t yet >137 in the thickest portion so I put it back in the oven for another 5 minutes and that did the trick.


I served it with sautéed asparagus.

I loved the mustard and rosemary together and the meat was flavorful, moist, and tender.  Even the leftovers the next day were good (not chewy or dried out).  I’ll definitely make it again.



Cook the Cover January Bon Appetit


My favorite magazine ever, Bon Appetit, is why I started this blog.

I’m going to try to cook every cover this year.

Here’s the Spicy Pork & Mustard Green Soup from the January 2014 cover.

image (1)

Ground pork was on sale this week at Whole Foods ($4.99/lb) so it was practically meant to be.

I used collards instead of mustard greens, but otherwise I left the original recipe alone.  It took a while to track down Sichuan peppercorns!

Best part about the recipe was how easy it was to prepare.  Second best part was the wonderful flavorful broth.   It’s a keeper.